Will AI Replace Copywriters in the Future?

3 min readJul 7, 2023

A lot of writers and copywriters have been on edge ever since AI tools like Jasper, CopyAI, and Writeonic were introduced last year. They're capable of creating hundreds of words of passable content with just a topic or prompt.

Sadly, this has left many copywriters and content writers worried that AI could replace them soon. After all, if AI can write an article, ad, or blog post in seconds, then why would a client ever need a copywriter?

That's a valid concern. A report by the World Economic Forum said machines and automation will take over 85 million jobs by 2025. So let's move forward and understand it to see if it can actually replace us creatives in future or not.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI in a nutshell is a technology that bridges the human-machine gap by mapping out and mimicking cognitive tasks like learning and problem-solving. But can it really outdo the human touch?

Here's why AI( for now at least cuz it's still at its beginner stage ) cannot replace writers.

1 . AI doesn’t understand emotion.

When it comes to compelling copy, AI can't understand what makes humans tick. That's why your writing can't just be factual and boring. It needs to engage your readers emotionally.

2 . AI doesn’t understand strategy.

AI doesn't get what business objectives are or how to get them done. It doesn't get where the reader is in the buyer's journey and where the content is supposed to lead them. When writing, the writer should tailor the message based on how the business wants to move the customer from awareness to action.

3 . AI doesn’t check facts.

There's no replacing crowdsourcing, fact-checking, and researching that good writing takes. AI can only refer to stuff human writers have already collected. Plus, AI is known for making stuff up. So if you don't have proper content governance, you might get into trouble.

4 . AI doesn’t have empathy.

While AI is getting smarter every day, it can't copy some qualities, like empathy, culture, and values. Even though it's got tons of processing power and reads 10 percent of the internet, it doesn't know how to relate to people based on context.

Last words,

The truth is, AI can only replace those bad, cringe-worthy writers and copywriters, but it can't replace the creative ones.AI can make basic content without having to do original research and expertise. But it can't make strategic, story-driven content that fits your brand without human intervention, and it doesn't understand emotions and empathy, two things good copy is all about.

Tech companies will still probably try to come up with programs to replace copywriters, just like they're always looking for ways to replace all kinds of human functions because that's what they like to do.

But these programs can't replace copywriters and writers completely because they're not flexible, creative, or scoped. The ones who are actually going to be replaced are those crummy writers who don't have the training and don't know how to write copy that's relevant to the brand and the audience. Businesses value writers who think strategically, think of ideas and connect with their audience emotionally will remain valuable.




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